Clinics System

System helps doctors in the management of their clinics easily

Program possibilities

1. Record clinic data, Doctor name, to print it on the prescription.
2. The doctor may determine the powers of users to protect the recorded data.
3. Create file to every patient reviewed at each visit
4. Record (name of the patient and the number of detection and the date and time of detection and to determine whether the visit or consultation revealed).
5. Record (diagnosis – Doctor notes- medications disbursed - Operations – x-ray).
6. Easy to search for any patient.
7. The ability to print prescription.
8. Drug recording and the name of each drug and the manufacturer and the name of the company's representative with the company data and delegate.
9. Easily add, delete and modify the program data.
10. The ability to print any data.

Technical specifications:

• Compatible with all Microsoft windows systems.
• The program was developed in the strongest language code produced by Microsoft Visual Basic Dot Net.
• The program uses a database of "SQL".

Additional possibilities:

• You can add or delete any part of the program according to the needs of the restaurant.
• The possibility of connecting more than one branch through the Internet.
• Convert the program to any language.
• Providing any of the hardware requirements for the program (Computers - Printer Reset - printers facilitate work on the network ).
• Training of all employees at the restaurant for free by specialized engineers.

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  • Requirements
  • INFORM Multi power SERIES
  • ART Ronic Art titanium
  • Solar Energy Systems
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