CRM System

Companies can use this application in many areas, which contains features have a direct impact on customers who are most important for any company. It is the application that serves more than one department in the company these departments are sales management, marketing and customer service and helps companies to build productive relationships more than any time with customers by contributing to effective in increasing the effectiveness of sales, And to provide care consistent with the expectations of each customer. It offers integrated solutions that allow businesses to increase productivity by enabling those responsible for the sales and marketing and customer relations to reach the highest levels of efficiency in their work.

It also facilitates the information exchanging between staff, contributes to the exclusion of information redundant and repetitive and plays an important role in providing quality service for customers.

The nature of the application of comprehensive and cooperative management teams able to check out the latest information that matters to them in their work and help them make business decisions quickly and well.

Program possibilities

1. Give authority and identified by management in a manner accessible to ensure the confidentiality of the data.
2. Add your company's data.
3. Add countries and divided into cities, neighborhoods and key areas.
4. Identify company's policies in advance (items - Discounts - marketing programs - and the types of cases and the importance of customers - Gifts - conventions - visits)

First sales:

- Application helps to organize the vast amount of customer data that accumulate every day where you have a reference provides you with a complete biography of all the interactions that occurred with a particular client or is likely to occur.
- Allows you to run searches on any set of data that is stored in the system at any time.
- Possibilities for pricing and order management, to acquire application information base available to all and the ability to automatic steering which are all tasks that will increase the business efficiency and improve customer service significantly.
- Ease of follow-up management and supervisors for the performance of sales representatives, which involves the application screens especially for supervisors to approve the bills and offers.


- You can add all the pre-marketing programs according to company policy.
- You can also choose to look for specific customers and add discounts or special offers or to send their advertising campaigns for all your customers.

Customer Service:

- Through this section can record all customer complaints and determine the name of the official follow-up to this complaint has been addressed and whether complaint is still ongoing.
- Determine the type of complaint (a technical fault - poor service ..................... ) and the time required to solve.
- Proposals recording.


The application includes the following reports:

- Daily follow-up report.
- Customer status report.
- Late follow-ups report.
- All follow-ups report.
- Customers who drop out of the deal report.
- Sales of sales representatives report.
- The performance of sales representatives during the period.

Technical specifications:

• Compatible with all Microsoft windows systems.
• The program was developed in the strongest language code produced by Microsoft Visual Basic Dot Net.
• The program uses a database of "SQL".

Additional possibilities:

• You can add or delete any part of the program according to the needs of the restaurant.
• The possibility of connecting more than one branch through the Internet.
• Convert the program to any language.
• Providing any of the hardware requirements for the program (Computers - Printer Reset - bar code reader - printers facilitate work on the network - cash drawer).
• Training of all employees at the restaurant for free by specialized engineers.

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