Kronos 10-20 KVA 3-1


10kVA ~ 40kVA

Thanks to its reduced footprint, Kronos is the optimum choice when the available space is limited. Moreover, the included features meet the needs of the majority of IT installations with a very positive value-for-money.

  • The smallest footprint of its category: 0,22m2 for 20kVA with 40x9Ah internal batteries
  • Up to 95% efficiency in online mode
  • Built-in high current battery charger (10kVA with up to 7A standard charger)
  • 4 poles manual bypass and Breakers
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the vertical boards
  • Generator compatibility with ramp up configurable in power and time delay
  • Wrong phase sequence rotation protection
  • THDi <3% for a minimized grid impact
  • High overload capability up to 1 minute @150%
  • Cold start function included
  • Logfile, UPS information and settings easily downloadable on removable SD card from LCD,
  • to simplify service operations
  • Up to 40 x 9Ah internal battery
  • Wide range of battery number per string from 26 to 40 LCD settable
  • Parallelable up to 6 units, in power or redundancy, LCD settable
  • Standard separate or common batteries for parallel systems
  • Touch screen display for quick and user friendly operation
  • Wide communication offer as a standard: two com slots, RS232, USB, programmable dry contacts

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Kronos 10-20 KVA 3-1