Taurus 10-80 KVA


10kVA ~ 80kVA

Delivering clean, stable and reliable power for critical three-phase loads, Taurus is the best choice for small datacenters. And with a simplified maintenance helps reducing the TCO of the installation. 

  • Cutting edge technology: Power Factor 1, 96% efficiency, 3 level IGBT troubleshooting and testing in safety low voltage
  • Operates leading and lagging loads without derating
  • Generator compatibility with ramp up configurable in power and time delay with wide input frequency range
  • Lift compatibility to efficiently use reinjected energy from generative loads
  • THDi <3% for a minimized grid impact
  • Cold start (standard up to 20kVA, optional up to 80kVA)
  • UPS information, settings and log file easily downloadable on removable SD card from LCD to simplify service operations
  • Two strings of internal batteries up to 40kVA
  • Wide range of battery number per string from 32 to 40 LCD settable (26-40 for 10kVA))
  • Ready for Li-ion or other battery technology
  • Smart Battery Detection - immediate alarm once battery disconnected
  • Smart Battery Discharge - For Battery Discharge Test without extra loads and connections
  • Dual input and internal manual bypass
  • Parallelable up to 6 units, in power or redundancy, LCD settable
  • Separate or common batteries for parallel systems
  • Touch screen color LCD display for quick and user friendly operation
  • Wide communication offer as a standard: two com slots, RS232, USB, programmable dry contacts
  • Wrong phase sequence rotation protection
  • Flexible High Power charger
  • 440mm wide fits into higher IP cabinets
  • Strong overload capacity (<200ms for > 150% overload) to garantee selectivity in the downstream installation

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Taurus 10-80 KVA